Brexit Risk to Airport Jobs

Leaked Brexit paper shows UK airlines risk losing flying rights

UK airlines are set to lose their rights to fly in the EU due to the government's decision to leave the single market, according to leaked European Commission documents seen by the Financial Times.

The leaked paper states that if Britain leaves the single market, UK-owned airlines will automatically lose existing flying rights in the EU's liberalised aviation market.

The paper also suggests that a no-deal Brexit would lead to the grounding of many UK flights, noting that there are no World Trade Organisation fallback options for aviation and that old bilateral agreements between EU countries and the UK would not be revived.

Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake commented:
“The government's choice to leave the single market risks causing chaos for British airlines and air passengers.

"Ministers have dismissed concerns about higher air fares and grounded flights as scaremongering, but failed to come up with a solution.

"It shows yet again what a mess this government is making of Brexit.

"Once the true cost of a Tory hard Brexit is known, including the potential loss of cheap flights to Europe, people must have the choice to exit from Brexit and stay in the EU."

Local campaigner William Jones said ''this will put jobs and growth at Manchester Airport in jeopardy, Trafford Council need to work with our neighbors to safeguard future growth and stability for all hard working families that this downturn will effect''.

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