GMP Special Measures Motion

Responding to GMP Special Measures - 27/1/2021

This Council notes with deep concern:
- The December 17th announcement that Greater Manchester Police will enter the ‘engage’ phase of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMIC) formal monitoring process
- That this is only the second time a police force has required this level of intervention
- That 80,100 crimes went unrecorded in the year ending 30th June 2020, equating to 220 crimes each day or one in five crimes in total across the period
- That HMIC has indicated that one in four violent crimes went unrecorded
- The failure of the force to improve after initial concerns were raised by the Inspectorate in 2016, indicating a serious lack of organisation and leadership within Greater Manchester Police
- That the inspectorate has estimated a drop of 11.3% in recorded crimes since 2018
- That the inspectorate found that some investigations had been wrongly and prematurely concluded
- The resignation and ill health of former Chief Superintendent Ian Hopkins. The Council thanks him for his service to the city region

This Council also notes that:
- The majority of Greater Manchester Police staff perform their duties with a high degree of dedication and professionalism and this Council thanks them for their service in challenging times
- Since 2016, GMP has endured frontline cuts amounting to 33% of its PCSOs and 6% of its support staff
- This places GMP at a significant disadvantage given that since 2016, the average cut to PCSOs across England and Wales has been 6%
The Council recognises the significant challenge that coronavirus has posed to policing and gives thanks to all GMP personnel, who work tirelessly to protect communities across Trafford.
This Council welcomes the publication of the Police Foundations first report, ‘The Strategic Review of Policing in England and Wales’ which was published in July 2020. The report highlights the difficulties that our police forces face, placing them in the context of severe police cuts which Conservative governments continue to pursue.

This Council particularly notes (from the above report):
- ‘… the critical importance of developing the public dialogue in relation to policing and public safety. Substantive strategic change is unlikely to be achieved while the public understanding of ‘what the police do’ extends very little beyond functions.’

This council resolves to:
- Extend its full support and cooperation to GMP, HMIC and other affiliated stakeholders
throughout the monitoring process
- Work towards the Police Foundations objective of preventative, community focused
policing by highlighting opportunities to bring local officers and residents together at a
borough and ward level
- Request that the Mayor of Greater Manchester provides a detailed report to Trafford
Council indicating the action plan that will be undertaken in order to return policing in the
Borough and the city region to an efficient and effective level

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