How to stay cool in the heatwave

The Met Office has issued a red alert of extreme heat over Trafford and a huge swathe of England for Monday and Tuesday.

This means that even normal, healthy people are at risk from the severe weather.

They have also issued advice on how to stay cool in hot weather.

In brief:

  • close curtains in rooms facing the sun
  • close windows during the day – the air outside will be hotter than inside
  • open windows when the air is cooler outside, e.g. at night – but be aware that the air is expected to remain warm overnight on Monday night
  • drink plenty of cold, refreshing, non-alcoholic drinks
  • stay in the shade if you go outside and when walking somewhere
  • always wear sunscreen and a sunhat in sunny weather
  • stay in touch with relatives and friends, particularly those who are elderly or vulnerable – or if you are yourself

The UK Health Security Agency also issued advice on how to 'Beat the Heat' and take action in hot weather.

If you are concerned that a friend or relative may have passed out due to heatstroke, call 999.



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