Trafford Liberal Democrats Field a Full Slate of Candidates for 2018

Going from strength to strength in Trafford with confirmation of 22 candidates for all vacancies during the 2018 local elections.


Local Liberal Democrats Have All Candidates Confirmed in Trafford for 2018 Local Elections

Trafford Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce that we have a full slate of candidates for the local elections on 3rd May.

This is the second year since 2015 that Trafford Liberal Democrats have had a full slate of local election candidates, it shows the strength of our party locally with many new members ready and willing to get involved. This is exemplified by our manifesto launched on 26th March 2018 ahead of these local elections, showing a real alternative for Trafford.

Over the years the residents of Trafford have been let down by both Labour and Conservatives. The majority of Councillors see themselves as undefeatable, sitting in their safe seats. This complacency and arrogance needs to be challenged as the only people who suffer are the residents of Trafford, through bad decision making such as the awful and incompetent One Trafford contract.

There is a continuing imbalance between communities throughout Trafford which needs to be addressed and we at Trafford Liberal Democrats are committed to addressing this problem.

With our manifesto we will stand up for the voters of Trafford and demand something better, by listening to and caring about the communities we serve.

At this year’s local elections in Trafford everybody will have the chance for something better by voting for their local Liberal Democrat candidate.

Please find our full list by following this link -

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