Monitor Air Pollution Now


At this month’s Full Council, the Liberal Democrats put forward a motion intended to radically improve monitoring of our air quality across Trafford. Prepared with scientific and expert evidence, the motion aimed to uncover and track all of the air pollution hotspots across Trafford, instead of the limited number of locations where air sampling currently takes place.

Tonight, the motion failed. However, with the promise of future help from Council officers, we hope to bring forward a new motion that can be supported by all Councillors and not just the Liberal Democrats and Greens on Trafford Council.

Cllr Jane Brophy (Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Timperley ward) stated:-

“This Liberal Democrat motion is about our Council doing everything within its power to understand the scale of the Air Pollution problem in the Trafford area.

To implement the right policies, this administration needs more information and the right tools. This will make sure that our residents, young and old, are better protected from the dangerous impact of air pollution, leaving a positive legacy for the future.

Understanding the scale of the threat facing our Borough, leaving a legacy of evidence-based monitoring, best practice for future administrations, taking preventative steps and encouraging a clean air culture in Trafford. These are the things that will work.”

The Liberal Democrats will continue to demand better for Trafford residents by securing real and effective air quality monitoring.

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