No way forward for GMSF in Trafford

Is this the end of GMSF?


Labour Must Think Again

Last night the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) was voted down in Stockport, giving Labour officials a valuable opportunity to think again about their flawed housing proposals. The GMSF relies on outdated growth projections made in 2014 which completely fail to account for the impact of Brexit or COVID-19. The blueprint has been extremely unpopular with residents across the city because it places developments on greenbelt land or in communities which are already over developed.

Cllr Jane Brophy said: “The stumbling blocks that were hit in Stockport exist throughout the GMSF proposal. Here in Trafford we are being asked to approve a plan which will push development into our most over developed areas instead of utilising brownfield sites which can meet our housing needs.”

16,000 Homes on Brownfield Sites

Liberal Democrats can reveal that a staggering 16,000 new homes could be built on brownfield sites in Trafford. Conservatives both nationally and locally are determined to develop greenbelt land in the interests of developers.

Trafford Lib Dem Leader Cllr Julian Newgrosh said: “The Liberal Democrats will not support the spatial framework while it continues prioritise greenbelt land, ignoring viable alternatives. The wheels will fall off the GMSF in every borough because it fails to prioritise community interests over those of developers.”

Local Plans Show the Way Forward

There is some doubt as to whether the Combined Authority Constitution will allow for the GMSF to move forward in a ‘plan of nine’ format.

Trafford Council continues to develop its own cross party ‘Local Plan’ which, in its current format, can meet the boroughs housing needs on existing brownfield sites.

Cllr Newgrosh added: “After the failure of these ‘top down’ proposals, residents expect local politicians to work collaboratively towards a plan that puts local communities first. We can deliver that in Trafford.”

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