Demanding Better for Trafford

Our Team on Trafford Council

Trafford Lib Dems Cllr Shaun Ennis, Cllr Will Frass, Cllr Meena Minnis, Cllr Jane Brophy & Cllr Julian Newgrosh

At the 2022 local elections our group expanded to five councillors – the highest for 12 years.

Above, left to right:-

Councillor Shaun Ennis (Village ward) — Liberal Democrat Group Secretary

Councillor Will Frass (Timperley ward)

Councillor Meena Minnis (Timperley ward)

Councillor Jane Brophy (Timperley ward) — Liberal Democrat Group Deputy Leader

Councillor Julian Newgrosh (Village ward) — Liberal Democrat Group Leader


To contact a councillor, click on their name above. You will be taken to their councillor page on the Trafford Council website.

Alternatively, contact the Trafford Lib Dems team via our contact page.


Elections in Trafford

Local Elections

  • Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council has 21 wards - each of which elect three Councillors - producing a total of 63 Councillors.
  • One of the three slots in each ward is contested every year, with the newly elected Councillor serving a four-year term of office. This means we have elections every year in the month of May for three years, followed by a fourth year with no elections.
  • Update: in 2023 all 63 Councillors will face re-election as the ward areas are being reviewed by the Boundary Commission.

Apply to Become a Candidate

  • We have local teams across Trafford, if you want to get in touch please follow the local team link for your area: 

Altrincham & Sale - including Timperley & Hale 

Stretford & Urmston - including Longford

Mayoral Elections

  • Trafford votes as part of Greater Manchester to elect the Mayor of Greater Manchester, the first election of this type was in 2017 with the first term shortened to 3 years. 

Our Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester

Parliamentary Elections

  • Trafford has 3 MPs that cover the parliamentary constituencies of Altrincham & Sale West, Wythenshawe & Sale East and Stretford & Urmston and are elected for a maximum of five years before the Queen dissolves Parliament, or sooner if Parliament votes for an early election.
  • Our team always fields candidates across all elections so you have the opportunity to vote for the Liberal Democrats.