Pothole Hell In Trafford

Councillor Jane Brophy challenges Trafford Council over Road Maintenance budget.

Trafford Tories filling holes in road maintenance budget that they created with mystery £600,000.

William Jones local Timperley campaigner for the Liberal Democrats says ''I welcome the assurances that the road maintenance will not be cut and an extra £600,00 has been found", he continued ''But where has the extra £600,000 come from and is this just another one off gesture to cover for Trafford Tories cynical cutting of the road maintenance budget in 2015/16 and perhaps this money has been found because of the 2018 local elections?''

This followed Trafford full council on 11th October 2017, where prominent local Liberal Democrat Councillor Jane Brophy asked
''Are there plans to increase the roads maintenance funding, to benefit pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle users, in the 2018/19 budget?'', she received a glib answer pushing the subject down the road to the next budget announcement in February.

This question was asked after many local residents have raised concerns about the state of roads throughout Trafford, with pothole reports on the rise and the Council's inability to keep up with demand for road maintenance requests.

Local residents have also raised questions about the money raised from the so called Green Bin Tax, and whether this money would be used to plug gaps in council funding.

Trafford Liberal Democrats say it is time for the Council to do one of the jobs it is supposed to and fix our roads.

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