Potholes: Eating into Our Roads, Eating into Our Time


More evidence of the worsening state of Trafford’s roads as a pothole defect blights those travelling through the intersection of Kingsway and Urmston Lane in Stretford. 

The RAC urges everyone to report potholes, in order to reduce vehicle damage and to prevent accidents, yet the abyss at this Stretford intersection has been showing warning signs for months with no action taken. Unrepaired and left to deteriorate, the site is now a danger.  With traffic reduced to one lane at the exit of Stretford Mall, emergency lane closures are creating dangerous tailbacks on Chester Road.

In 2018 ex-Chancellor, Philip Hammond announced £30bn of funding for road repairs and new road infrastructures, with an additional £420m to fix damage including potholes. In stark contrast, those recently travelling through Stretford will be only too aware of our neglected roads, as drivers and public transport users suffer the fumes of idling traffic as a long-ignored pothole causes lengthy delays.

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