Save Turn Moss

Trafford Liberal Democrats support moves to object to the proposed development of Turn Moss in Stretford.


This afternoon we submitted our objection to the Turn Moss development in Stretford, please see full text below

The Trafford Liberal Democrat objection to planning application at Turn Moss Playing fields, Stretford, M328QD, Ref.No: 93628/FUL/18

The Trafford Liberal Democrat group objects to the above planning application on Turn Moss which is a popular and well used space in Stretford. 
• Traffic and Transport: The above planning application does reference the limited visibility at the junction of Turn Moss road with Edge lane, but does not acknowledge the impact of the increased volume of traffic on the safety to residents. The traffic survey taken for the application was on a week day and not at a peak time of day for traffic, and does not reflect the high volume of traffic on this road at rush hour, and at weekends, particularly when there are football fixtures at Old Trafford. In light of the proposed use of this land it is likely these are precisely the times that the traffic volume will be increased, so we believe the survey is inadequate. The traffic survey also fails to fully acknowledge that by proposing training facility for a team from another Greater Manchester Borough at some distance from the proposal, there will be an increased impact of traffic as coaches, and cars are likely to be preferentially used as opposed to walking or cycling. The plan does not address the access issue to the proposed site which at the moment is accessed by a gravel, unadopted road, which is completely inadequate for the proposed development. 
• Development on Greenbelt that is not beneficial to the local community: This development is in opposition to the Trafford Liberal Democrats position on development of brownfield sites above loss of green spaces which are beneficial to the community. We note with concern that the 
• Privatisation of public land and restriction on access: The access proposed to the trim trail at meadow close which is by Stretford grammar school is not appropriate. This area already has significant parking issues due to the school and this proposed access point is entirely inappropriate. It seems logical that any access to the trimtrail should be via the main access point of Turn moss via Turn moss road. 
• Drainage: The flood risk assessment has not been undertaken for this application, which in light of the location on a flood plain is inadequate. 
• Noise and Light Pollution: The proposal of flood lighting to be used to 10pm is of significant concern to residents who's enjoyment of their own property will be impaired. It is suggested that the facilities will be open to this time which in turn will generate significant noise to the local area.
• Conservation and environment: The proposed fences at 4.5m are not in keeping with the area and will be an eyesore. There is a lack of information in the proposal on the impact of a facility with high levels of lighting and noise. The bat survey completed was inadequate and at the wrong time of year, and there has been little consideration given to wildlife such as nesting birds, foxes, badgers and newts who are known to be present in this location
• Flawed Consultation: We note with concern that the constrain documents for Protected open space, Landfill consultation zones, Greenbelt, and Flood risk zone 2 and 3 are not available on the planning application. This raises serious questions on the validity of the application in its entirety. 
Yours sincerely,
Trafford Liberal Democrat Group

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