Trafford's COVID Care Homes


Dr Anna Fryer

Trafford Liberal Democrats were alarmed to see the Channel 4 news reports on the 17th September about local care homes. 

It was alleged that a contract from Trafford Council outlined that eligible care homes will receive COVID-positive patients within 2 hours of the hospital designating them ready for discharge. The document states “some of these patients may have COVID-19, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic”. 

There were 31% of deaths registered as COVID-19-related in care homes in the UK.

Dr Anna Fryer, Stretford and Urmston Liberal Democrat spokesperson said:

"It feels like we are set to repeat the mistakes of the first wave by introducing COVID into care homes where staff have been working incredibly hard to keep COVID out, and protect vulnerable residents."

Dr Fryer continued: "It has been heart-breaking to hear from residents who have been unable to see their loved ones in care homes. When people are making such sacrifices, it seems terribly wrong for their previous efforts to keep the virus out to be in vain, if people are now brought in with the virus."

Trafford Liberal Democrats are calling on Trafford Council to reconsider the moving of patients from the care sector who are COVID-positive. COVID-19 is a very contagious disease, and even with measures in place to minimise the risk of spread within the care sector, transferring COVID-positive patients from hospitals to care homes will jeopardize previous work to reduce the spread in vulnerable groups. Liberal Democrats believe that we need to be doing everything we can to protect the care sector from COVID-19 and Trafford Council needs to rethink their alleged plans. Residents of care homes deserve better than this approach.

Trafford Liberal Democrat leader Cllr Julian Newgrosh said:

 “I am proud that we currently accept residents to care homes only with a COVID negative certificate. This change would be worrying, dangerous and completely unnecessary.”



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