Vaccination Chaos

Desperate Measures by an Inept Government


The Liberal Democrats have always followed the science of the pandemic.

It is clear that these three vaccines Pfizer, Moderna & Oxford/AstraZeneca, have been designed to be
administered within a 21 to 28 day window between both doses. Neither the trials, nor Pfizer say there
is any data covering protection beyond 28 days of the first dose.

Due to the utterly incompetent failings of our national government, who have squandered three clear
opportunities to control this health crisis (once in March, where we unprepared, then in July where the
rates in Trafford were THREE per 100,000 and finally at the end of Lockdown 2). In addition to the
catastrophic failure of the centralised “world beating” Test, Trace & Isolate system, which turned out to
be world beating only in it’s £12Billion price tag, have led us to where we are today: facing a third
Wave of a more infectious Covid variant and Lockdown 3.

Given the situation that we are now in, and bearing in mind this is far from ideal, the Liberal Democrats
reluctantly acknowledge that providing twice as many people short term protection may, on balance,
save more lives and slow the spread of Covid.

There is no evidence, at all, that supports mixing the Vaccine doses. We question the basis for this
and do not support it.

The government must now apply themselves to the efficient supply and delivery of vaccines, so that
our medical staff can protect the nation.

Julian Newgrosh, Trafford Liberal Democrats Group Leader said

“Let us be absolutely clear, the question about whether we use the new Vaccines in this way, would
not even be asked in normal times. It is only down to the complete failure of national government in
their response to Covid that has put us in such a situation. Their failures have cost thousands of lives.
In these desperate times, the government is recommending a desperate measure: protect twice as
many people for a short time, instead of half that number for a longer time. It is untested. However,
looking at the data across the country, but especially in the South East, this may be our best chance to
reduce fatalities and control Covid in the short term.”

Dr Anna Fryer, (Stretford & Urmston PPC, Health Spokesperson & Frontline Doctor) said:

“The Government’s decision to delay the gap between vaccination from 3 to 12 weeks has left
patients confused and GPs scrambling to rebook hundreds of patients. Getting one dose of vaccine to
as many people as possible may be the right thing to do to reduce deaths and illness, but yet this
incompetent government announcements first and explains later. There is no good evidence to mix the
vaccines and we question whether this should be done.”

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