We Welcome Roads Funding But...

Trafford Lib Dems Welcome Extra Funding For Our Roads

Trafford Liberal Democrats welcome the news that £4 million will be spent on Trafford's roads.

The Conservative council has been forced to increase this from just £2 million, because they realised the scale of the problems that Trafford residents now face with the local road network.



Unfortunately it comes too late for some residents of Trafford who are seeing their roads crumbling beneath them on a daily basis.

The patchwork filling job on some of the borough's potholes before Christmas have already begun to disintegrate.

Our campaign in the Autumn highlighted a major failing at Trafford Council to maintain our roads effectively. 

Our own online survey coupled with doorstep conversations showed 90% of respondents saying they saw potholes on a regular basis, with 50% of that group complaining of damage to their vehicles.

Our council team and campaigners are now reporting the same potholes two or three months after they have been 'repaired'. Local residents are aghast at the sloppy workmanship of the repairs done in October/November.


Cllr Jane Brophy said -

''It really is shocking that some potholes are now bigger after the patchwork repairs are disintegrating. My colleague William Jones has fed back a lot of angry comments from residents that have contacted him and I have received many messages on the subject myself.'' 


William Jones added -

''We need a real plan for Trafford's roads not just patchwork repairs, the £4 million is merely a sticking plaster over the real problem; an incompetent Conservative Group with no real direction or plan for Trafford.''


Trafford Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign for something better for Trafford's road and infrastructure plan.

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